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As a Division of the Royal Motor Yacht Club on the shores of beautiful Pittwater the Sail Cruising Division promotes and caters for skippers who prefer a leisurely cruise with other yachts or perhaps a coastal trip in the company of other RMYC members. Weekend’s away and longer duration cruises feature prominently on the Sail Cruising programme each year, including “raft-ups” and BBQ's in the Pittwater / Hawkesbury.

We plan approximately 18 cruises per year, including one, two, three and four day inshore cruises and a few coastal trips.  We hope that there is something for skippers and crews interested in local cruising in good company.  Please have a look at ‘Sail Cruising Events’ and ‘Sail Cruising News’ on the SCD webpage for more details.

So if you are looking for a new adventure, or just starting sailing and looking for a way to safely explore Pittwater and meet other enthusiasts, contact our Cruise Captain or the RMYC Divisional, Sponsorship & Events Manager for information on joining the club and the Sail Cruising Division.

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Sail Cruising Division  


Sail Cruising Division Membership

The Sail Cruising Division of the RMYC caters for skippers who love to cruise in company in Pittwater/Broken Bay with a few coastal trips thrown in.  The division has approximately 100 registered boats and we plan about 18 cruises per year; one per month during winter then it picks up in the warmer months.   The cruises usually include raft ups, sundowners on a beach and BBQs so as you can imagine it can be pretty social.  We also enjoy a bit of a challenge so cruises to Pt Jackson, Lake Macquarie, Newcastle and Pt Stephens are often on the agenda.   A cruise fleet usually consists of between 5 and 15 boats.

New skippers and crew are always welcome so if you are interested in joining I recommend that you check out the Events and Cruise News pages on this site which will give you an idea of the schedule and activities.   Don’t be concerned if you are just getting into cruising as each cruise is organized by an Officer of the Day who will be able to give advice and help you get involved.

For joining details please contact Division, Sponsorship and Events Manager Jaz Rowntree at the RMYC 9997 5511 or Cruise Captain Bob Aird bob.aird@bigpond.net.au

Bob Aird bob.aird@bigpond.net.au