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Date Listed: 18/09/2023

Full name: Margie Taylor

Email :

Contact number : 0437265272

Availability : Monday evening twilight series

Crewing experience : I have done 2 courses in start crewing 1 in start helming I have done one season in twilights before Covid and and sail casually on Wednesdays if asked to crew I have been been doing the trimming during the race .

I also signed  the do a discover sailing course in the next couple of weeks .

Additional Information: I am keen to learn new skills and looking forward to getting into the excitement of racing I’m retired volunteer with the Red Cross and Lions Club and help the family with the Grandchildren can’t wait to get back onto sailing .

Date Listed: 14/11/2023

Full name: Ryan Braun 


Contact Number: 0418400822

Availability: Available for twilights and sporadic weekend races or individuals regattas 

Crewing Experience: Have crewed twilights 2-3 seasons at CYC and RMYC - proficient around the boat and have owned boats in the past 

Additional Information: 37 Years old, Live close to the club so may be available short notice. Keen to learn more about finer aspects of sailing and also would be interested in learning spinnaker sailing