Sailing Update

Please see the below information regarding the Sailing Program at the Royal Motor Yacht Club Broken Bay.

Sailing Program
RMYC will continue with our sailing program this weekend until Saturday 21st March. Inline with other clubs, Government and peak body information, after this sailing will be suspended until further notice.

After Race Presentations
All after race presentations have been cancelled for the remainder of the races.

Cancellation of Race 7 and 8 Offshore races this weekend
Due to ongoing concerns and issues with coronavirus the decision has been made that race 7 and 8 of the offshore calendar to Sydney and return be cancelled.

Monday Twilight Presentation Dinner
Unfortunately due to the restrictions put in place regarding non-essential indoor gatherings, the Monday Twilight Presentation Dinner has been cancelled. Refunds will be issued for anyone that was booked to attend.

The Government’s position is rapidly shifting on a regular basis and RMYC senior management and the Board of Directors will continue to meet to ensure we are abiding by the most recent rules and regulations.

We are committed to doing everything we can to continue to make our clubhouse and marina safe places to visit especially during this time. We are doing this by implementing several new policies and procedures, which follow the recommendations provided by the Australian Government Health Department.

To ensure we keep you up to date, we have set up a dedicated page online at RMYC/Coronavirus (COVID-19) and regular emails. We wish to ensure to our members that decisions are made with the best interest of our members, staff and community in mind.



Protest Convening Guidelines

 RMYC Protest Guidelines November 2016


2017/2018/2019 Protests

Protest Decision - Il Gatto v Solstice; Il Gatto v Solutions; Solutions v Solstice

Protest 1 of 2018 - Solutions v Bullwinkle

Protest 2 of 2018 - Razzamatazz v Here's Trouble

Protest 3 of 2018 - Showtime v Zen

Protest 4 of 2018 - Virago II v Hussy

Redress 1 of 2018 - Chill Factor

Protest 5 of 2018 - Tiwi 2 v Solstice

Protest 6 of 2018 - Committee Boat v Kama III

Protest 7 of 2018 (heard with Redress 3 or 2018) - Committee Boat v Here's Trouble

Redress 2 of 2018 (request for withdrawal of redress) - Kama III v Committee Boat

Redress 4 of 2018 - Chill Factor v Committee Boat

Protest 8 of 2018 - Enchantress v Koln

Protest 1 of 2019 - Tiwi 2 v Alpha

Protest 2 of 2019 - Addiction M38 v Animal Farm 6007

Appeal 1 of 2019 - Addiction M38 v Animal Farm 6007

Protest 3 of 2019 - Fare Thee Well v Skagerak

Protest 4 of 2019 - Fare Thee Well v Hotspur

Protest 5 of 19 Young Blokes v Comm Boat

Protest 6 of 2019 - Red Red Wine v Kama III

Protest 7 of 2019 - Enchantress v Infinity

Protest 8 of 2019 - Tiwi 2 v Kama III

Protest 9 & 10 of 2019 - Ghost Rider v Enchantress

Protest 11 of 2019 - Tiwi 2 v My Mistress

Protest 12 of 2019 - Tiwi 2 v Hockey Tar

Protest 1 of 2020 - Kama III v Yungsta