Top Hat Sailing Division

Top Hat Sailing Division provides inshore non-spinnaker races on Pittwater with the emphasis on fun racing and the social side of sailing.

Racing and sailing events are open to all classes of yachts and we cater for all skill levels from novice to experienced racer.

Competitors meet at RMYC after each race for a presentation to winning boats.

Top Hat Sailing Division History

It's our 21st Birthday:

This year represents 21 years that Top Hat Sailing Division has existed as a bona-fide Division of Royal Motor Yacht Club – Happy 21st Birthday!!

It also represents over 30 years that Gayle and I have been helming this little group of miscreants over the sandbars and reefs of race management. What a marathon it has been. We certainly have seen some characters and so many changes in the boats we race. For instance, right now we do not have a Top Hat 25 racing with us while our front runners would be comfortable among any fleet on the coast for speed and prowess. We have the largest number of Young 88’s regularly racing I can find and provide fun racing to sailors of all abilities. Our members are regular competitors in elite Regattas up and down the east coast and our cruisers literally sail the world.

A brief history lesson: The forerunner of THSD was the Top Hat Association, formed circa 1975, which conducted races on Pittwater as well as social events from time to time. By the late 1980’s, that’s over 30 years ago, things had diminished considerably with only one or two boats turning out for racing.  It was due for a tune-up. This was about the time we entered our Top Hat 25 ‘Toberua’ (later ‘Top That’) into the fray and we were able to get things on the move again with plenty of old and new friends coming together to race each month.

The prospect of litigation reared its ugly head over the years and so the members determined that forming a Division of RMYC was the way forward to protect both our members and committee from financial ruin. So it was that in December 2000, under a letter I hold from then General Manager, Graham Chatfield, the Top Hat Sailing Division of RMYC was formed. We have had an unbroken run since then staging races each month with several sail-away events thrown in for good measure and many social and Christmas celebrations.  THSD held the first formal Mess Dinner, a tradition that continues. Our numbers are strong but we should always be looking to expand and improve what we do. Your cue to invite a friend with a sailing boat.

Thank you for your participation, I hope we can keep you coming back and enjoying your yacht on the best waterway in the world. So many boats sit on moorings for weeks and months on end and if you use THSD as merely a means of shaking off the cobwebs from your boat, well we have served a purpose.

We are hoping to get our racing back in gear in November, 2021 but it is important that skippers and crew are double vaccinated. If you do not wish to be vaccinated that’s entirely up to you but there will be restrictions placed on upon those who make that choice. My guess is that under government health rules non-vaccinated people will not be able to participate in club events. We don’t want to miss out on any of our sailors joining us once we resume our events so if you haven’t already, this would be the moment to roll up that sleeve.

Kindest Regards

Greg Reid. Director/Div. Cap.



Top Hat Sailing Division Race Calendar 2022

2022 Race Dates

  • Saturday 8/1/22
  • Saturday 5/2/22
  • Saturday 5/3/22
  • Saturday 2/4/22
  • Saturday 7/5/22
  • Saturday 4/6/22
  • Saturday 2/7/22
  • Saturday 6/8/22
  • Saturday 3/9/22
  • Social Sail & Raft-Up 1/10/22 - 3/10/22
  • Saturday 8/10/22 Commodore’s Cup
  • Saturday 5/11/22 Thomas Martin Regatta
  • Saturday 3/12/22

Courses selected from the Top Hat Sailing Division Course List and advised at Start Line.

Start time 12.40pm for cruiser yachts - 1.10pm for faster boats.

Top Hat Sailing Division