Top Hat Sailing Division

If sail racing on beautiful Pittwater is something you have always wanted to try or if you want to add another series of races to your racing calendar and want to do so without any fuss and bluster, this is the place for you.

We have a wide range of sailing boats from Sydney 38’s to a gentleman’s 24’ Timber Classic imported from London.  Our handicapping reflects that each boat gets a fair go on the results sheet with two separate fleet starts.

Having an enjoyable time with your peers is as important to us as what happens on the course.

For the Novice sailor we have experienced yacht racers ready to offer advice and assistance without judgement. We are a welcoming group, happy to bring you into the fold.

All THSD races are governed by Australian Sailing ‘Racing Rules of Sailing’ and conducted under the auspices of the Royal Motor Yacht Club – Broken Bay, the organizing club, with appropriate on-water support and safety back-up.

For further information please contact or 9997 5511 to make that first step towards joining us on the water.

Greg Reid

Director/Divisional Captain.  



Top Hat Sailing Division Race Calendar 2022

2023 Race Dates

  • Saturday                               7/1/23

  • Saturday                               4/2/23

  • Saturday                               4/3/23

  • Saturday                               1/4/23

  • Saturday                               6/5/23

  • Saturday                               3/6/23

  • Saturday                               1/7/23

  • Saturday                               5/8/23

  • Saturday                               2/9/23

  • Saturday                               7/10/23 Commodore’s Cup Race

  • Saturday                               4/11/23 Thomas Martin Memorial Race

  • Saturday                               2/12/23 Christmas Party

Courses selected from the Top Hat Sailing Division Course List and advised at Start Line.

Start time 12.40pm for cruiser yachts - 1.10pm for faster boats.

Top Hat Sailing Division