Salt Pan, Refuge Cove and Bayview Tender Service is available as follows:

  • Service only to areas defined within the boundaries marked on the attached map, but as a guide these areas will be limited to Salt Pan Cove and Refuge Cove (to the north) and across to western foreshore of Bayview between the Gibson & Quays Marina.
  • Only available to financial RMYC Broken Bay Boat Owners
  • Enquiries on Boat Owner Member Tender Service to RMYC Reception
  • Only 2 people can be transferred to each vessel. The remainder of there guests should be collected or dropped off at the designated drop off and pick up zones.


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
Leaving from F Arm
9.30am, 12.40pm and 15.30pm (16:30pm in daylight saving times)

Leaving from F Arm: 
9.30am / 10.30am / 11.30am / 12.40pm / 13.30pm / 14.30pm / 15.30pm / 16.30pm 
(17.30pm / 18.30pm Daylight Saving Time)

Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays
Leaving from F Arm: 

8.30am / 9.30am / 10.30am / 11.30am / 12.40pm / 13.30pm / 14.30pm / 15.30pm / 16.30pm
(17.30pm / 18.30pm Daylight Saving Time)


Tender Boat Mobile Number is: 0401 142 562


Due to a large number of passengers in a short period, the tender will run on request from 16.30pm, from March and from approx. 14.30 outside daylight saving months - please register the vessel and vessel location with the skipper. 


Emergency Tender runs outside of the above schedule will be at the discretion of the Marina Manager or Dockmaster.

Bookings are recommended particularly if you have a large number of passengers to be transferred (limit of 6 per run) but not essential.

Salt Pan Cove Map