The Royal Motor Yacht Club Marina supports the Boating Industry Association (BIA) Marine Card. 

All contractors who sign in to the RMYC must provide a copy of their Insurances and scan their BIA Marine Card to gain access to the RMYC Marina. After you have scanned your card a wrist band will be printed to be worn while working on the marina. 


Welcome to the Marine Card WHS General Induction. 

The BIA’s Marine Card Program provides an industry-wide approach to basic Workplace Health & Safety (WHS) management, a critical starting point to safer workplaces.

The Marine Card WHS General Induction and website will help to increase safety awareness, build a better system of compliance, streamline the Contractor Registration process, and improve the workplace health and safety performance of the industry.


Under modern WHS law, everyone in the workplace has a responsibility for safety, regardless of whether you are a contractor, work for an employer, or are an owner operator of a commercial marine site. In the construction industry, a card system (White Card) has been used for years to identify those who have been inducted in WHS, and the positive impact on work safety in that industry has been huge. Marine Card provides a means for the boating industry to manage the same requirements, with the induction material tailored to reflect the risk profile of our industry.


1. A 4-hour WHS induction – content tailored to the risk profile of our industry
2. Your personalised Marine Card is sent via mail – valid for 5+ years
3. A secure personal profile is established for you on which you can update with key contact, service, and insurance info, to streamline site access and compliance.


As a contractor or worker in the marine industry, you probably work at a number of different sites. Where the Controller of participating Sites requires visiting workers to demonstrate that they have been inducted on WHS, your Marine Card will be accepted.

It’s the aim of the Marine Card Program that this single general induction and personalised card will satisfy the compliance requirements of all marine sites, though a brief site-specific induction may also be required.

For further information about the Marine Card Program, visit, or email, or call BIA on (02) 9438 2077. The BIA is a proud partner of WorkCover NSW, and committed to a safer working environment.


Boating industry facilities such as marinas and boatyards can have a very high contractor through-put. The contractor registration process – and the exchange of information between contractors and site operators that this entails – is necessary, but cumbersome. is a website designed to streamline the registration process by making information easily accessible – from anywhere, by anyone – 24/7, 365 days a year.


“When I arrived at the marina they told me I needed to provide insurance and fill in a registration form. I needed to get the boss to fax over the paperwork and complete the registration. We didn’t know the marina needed all this stuff, and no-one else asks for it. What a big waste of time…”

Find out what you need to know before you go…Access the marine site’s profile on website and find out what paperwork you need to provide. You can also read their Terms & Conditions, and any site rules and other information.

All requirements are clearly set out, so no surprises when you get there.

  • Keep your documents online…
  • Upload insurance and other documents to your own profile, such as qualifications or a generic SWMS, for the site controller to view online, or print or save, before you get there.
  • No more carrying reams of paper from yard to yard, or all the printing, faxing or filing that goes with it!
  • Be “findable” and list your services…
  • List your services and areas of operation – other contractors, yards, marinas, and the public will be able to search for the skills and services they need, where they need it… and find YOU!
  • Easily create a Contractors Registration document, with one click…

You can quickly and simply create a completed Contractor’s Registration document, including your insurance and other necessary documents, and email it to the site controller before you go. You can also save it to a USB or disc and carry it with you, or print it if needed.No more hold-ups, no more surprises, and no more wasted time. 

If you have a Marine Card, you can get on-line today.