Members and their guests are expected to observe the Club’s dress requirements when on the Club premises or whenever they are participating in a Club event or representing the Royal Motor Yacht Club Broken Bay. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action against that Member under the Club’s Constitution. 

Reflecting the standards and atmosphere to be maintained at the Club the following dress code applies:

Club Premises
Members and their Guests are requested to dress appropriately at all times.

Club Function Room (Level 2)
Smart casual dress is acceptable unless otherwise indicated for particular functions. Males must wear a collared shirt. Shorts and joggers are unacceptable. This rule also applies to children. Midriff tops and shorts are unacceptable for females.

Garden Forecourt/Salt Cove on Pittwater (Ground Floor)
Neat boating attire (shirt, shorts, shoes) - Swimwear, bare feet, work rig not acceptable. Footwear must be worn at all times outside the enclosed pool area.

Mariner’s Bar (Level 1)
Boat rig/smart casual - clean work-rig  is acceptable.

Garden Bar (Ground Floor)
Boat rig (with footwear) acceptable.

Lounge Bar (Level 1)
Smart casual dress at all times. Shorts are not acceptable after dark.

Hats and Caps are not to be worn inside the Club premises. Hats can be worn around the pool area and marina.