Summer Program

In Mini Mariners

 The Summer Program:

  • Learn to sail 
  • Learn to row a boat
  • How to deal with upturned small craft
  • How to tie up boats
  • Anchoring
  • Safety around boats
  • Knot tying
  • Fishing techniques
  • Outboard motors
  • How to manoeuvre small power boats
  • Docking berthing and rules of the road. 
  • Power Boat Licence
  • Kayaking, basic navigation and messing around in boats.

Mini Mariners is a Club Division initiated by volunteer parents of the RMYC and now in its eighth year. Mini Mariners is all about providing children (ideally between the ages of 6-14) and families the opportunity to socialise and learn important water safety skills in a safe, social, fun and non-competitive atmosphere that is very affordable.

It is all about “messing around with boats”. It has similarities with the “Sea Scouts” but is unique in that every participating child must be actively accompanied by at least one parent/grand parent or guardian.

Mini Mariner events are social and involve multiple families and family members of all ages. We run multiple programmes during the one session by having parents/grandparents allocated to a particular station. The multiple stations provide different activities (involving interaction with the water) for children and siblings of all ages (typically between 6 to 14yrs). 

The Spring/Summer Program commences in October and will be run on Saturday mornings.

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