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Safety at Sea Information

The safety of crews and vessels is a major priority for the Sail Cruising Division and accordingly, in conjunction with Australian Sailing we have developed the following safety requirements for vessels attending SCD cruises. 

Safety is our concern but your responsibility. 

  • All vessels attending coastal cruises, these are cruises which go east of Barrenjoey Headland, must have a current SCD safety audit certificate. This covers safety equipment such as EPIRBS, radios, flares, charts, navigation equipment, PFDs, anchors, fire extinguishers, first aid kits and other important safety requirements. Once the safety audit is completed the onus is on the boat owner to ensure that vessel maintenance is kept up to date and equipment is replaced or repaired as necessary.
  • NOTEVessels without a current safety audit certificate will not be permitted to attend SCD coastal cruises. The safety certificate is also recommended for vessels attending closed waters cruises but not compulsory. 
  • Boat owners are at all times entirely and solely responsible for the safety of their vessel and crew.
  • Participation in a cruise is voluntary. It is entirely each boat owner’s decision to attend a cruise and to join or depart the cruise at any time. Boat owners are advised not to join a cruise if they feel that their boat or crew is not competent to handle the prevailing or forecasted conditions.
  • Boat owners should individually log on to Marine Rescue when cruising offshore. The use of the MR app is recommended to ease this procedure.
  • Boat owners should monitor VHF channels 16 and 77 for messages during cruises and be aware that the club and division call sign is ROMOSA.
  • PFDs must be worn when alone in dinghies, and PFDs and torches are compulsory in dinghies at night.
  • When visiting host vessels at night, visitors are to advise the host vessel that they have returned safely to their vessels. Deploy boarding ladders at night.

We recommend that you print a copy and keep it on board for ready reference.

If you have any concerns please contact Bob Aird, Cruise Captain, or Bob Vine, Safety Officer.

[email protected]   [email protected]


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