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Seafari FAQ’s

What is a Seafari?

A Seafari is a Cruise in Company hosted by the RMYC to various destinations along the NSW coast. Destinations previously visited include, Sydney Harbour, Shellharbour, Jervis Bay, Lake Macquarie and Port Stephens. The Seafari is intended to offer skippers and crews a safe offshore seagoing experience by cruising in the company of fellow RMYC vessels from Pittwater to the various destinations.

These are ideal events to join others who can provide that valuable experience and support for those who have not had the confidence to take their boats offshore in the past.


What do you mean by Cruise in Company?

The RMYC Seafari is a great way to experience offshore cruising. We call it a cruise in company as we cruise together in a fleet. We endeavor to organize like for like boats to depart at similar times to create a ‘buddy system’, particularly for those that are new to offshore cruising.


Is it just for Motorboats?

No, all types of boats are welcome. There is always the opportunity to stop-over along the way for anyone who would like to break up the trip. We have even had trailer boats and motor homes join us for the weekend activities.


Do I need to attend all of the activities?

What is great about these cruises is that you can choose what activities / events you would like to attend. Most destinations provide courtesy vehicles for attendees to use to explore the area. The Club also takes a courtesy vehicle for members to use.


What are my Safety Requirements?

The owner and/or skipper of each vessel is completely responsible for the safety of the boat and crew.

Any member or guest of the Royal Motor Yacht Club Broken Bay entering an event run by the Club enters the event voluntarily. Any instructions issued by the event organisers are to be taken as a guideline only.

Before embarking, all those participating in the Seafari should ensure they are physically capable of meeting the demands presented by being on a vessel and specifically:

  1. Know that the required safety equipment meets the regulatory requirements of the NSW Maritime and the relevant category of safety equipment stipulated by NSW Maritime re Safety Equipment – Open and Enclosed Waters. All vessels must be equipped in accordance with current NSW Maritime Authority regulations for Coastal Navigation and be equipped with a VHF Radio. Vessels are to complete a signed NSW Maritime Safety Equipment Check List and return to the RMYC prior to undertaking the voyage.
  2. As a person on board a vessel you must satisfy yourself that the vessel is fully seaworthy and able to meet varying conditions expected and unexpected.
  3. Know where safety equipment is stowed on the boat, how to retrieve it and how to use
  4. Know that the vessel engine and all gear and fittings are secure and in good working
  5. All skippers are to confirm with their insurance company to ensure that participation in this event is covered by their policy, e. Ocean sailing or cruising.
  6. Know that the safety of the boat is your sole and inescapable responsibility and you must ensure that the vessel is found to be thoroughly seaworthy and manned by experienced crew who are all physically fit to face bad weather and all eventualities on the water.
  7. All vessels should have an emergency towing line of suitable length, your anchor line is not Ensure you also carry your own fenders and lines.
  8. Skippers are to register with Marine Rescue at departure and upon arrival at their destination.


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