Laguna Long Lunch

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Laguna Long Lunch

The annual Laguna Long lunch was held on April 13th at Judy and Barry’s beautiful property. We kicked off the weekend with Friday night dinner at the Wollombi hotel, followed by delicious cake for dessert. Bacon and egg rolls from the bbq for breakfast.
We drove into Wollombi to explore the galleries and a wonderful café before heading back to the farm for lunch.

The weather was surprisingly warm, so we set up the tables on the verandah. Slow cooking lamb smelt delicious as we nibbled on blinis with smoked salmon, a sumptuous cheese and antipasto platter and. The main course was the lamb, varied salads. Dessert was a range of cakes. it was so relaxing sitting in the shade overlooking the beautiful trees reflected in the dam, watching the dogs play and chatting.
After lunch was the boules tournament. As there is very little flat land on a hillside, there were many tactics tried to get the boules stay in position. The 6 dogs decided to help by chasing and moving the Jack whenever possible. one minute you were winning and then hey presto The Jack was moved a meter away!
Judy Zieren and Paula Lowe were awarded the team prizes for an excellent win.
We wandered back to the verandah as dusk stole the view. We all thought we could not possibly eat any more food, but we managed to tuck into pea and ham and/or roast sweet potato soup for dinner. We were all too relaxed and the weather too warm to light the fire, so we stayed on the verandah until our warm beds called.
On Sunday morning we enjoyed a delicious brunch in Wollombi before heading home.

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